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Winery Tours



Tour Options


Tour #1 – This is our most popular tour!


  • Cost $129.00 per person

  • Tasting fees are included. 

  • We visit three (3) wineries.

  • All tours are private tours from 2 – 12 persons.

  • Pick up and drop off at a location of your choice, (home, hotel, Airbnb, etc.) (Should you be outside of our pickup zone, there is an additional charge of $40.00).

  • Pick-up time is 11 – 11:30 am. Drop-off time is 5:00 – 5:30 pm.

  • Bottled water is included.

Premium Tour #2

  • Cost $149.00 per person

  • Tasting fees are included. 

  • Includes all the above and an additional stop at Koenig Distillery. Here you will have a choice to taste, vodka, brandy, or whiskey

Additional Items

  • Cost $29.50
    Large meat and cheese Charcuterie Board (serves 5 – 6 persons)

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BOOK A GUIDED TOUR WITH US TODAY!    We tailor the tours to your taste.


We take you from beginner-friendly wines for first timers to the more complex red wines for those of you who are connoisseurs.  The Snake River Valley has wine for everyone’s taste.


Go behind the scenes where we visit small boutique wineries to the larger more elaborate ones.  We educate you on wine and you have the opportunity to meet the people who make it all happen.


Don’t wait.  Let us make your day special.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy a unique wine adventure.

See you soon!




Kathy Johnson

Winery Seekers Wine Tours


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