About the Owner


Winery Seekers Wine Tours

Star, Idaho


Kathy Jean Johnson

Tour Guide and Wine Educator  


Winery Seekers Wine Tours is known for

1.  Excellent Customer Service

2.  Education, Background and History of the Wineries

3.  Fun with a capital “F.”

I was elected to the board of the Treasure Valley Wine Society in 2007 and have served two terms.  I am currently an honorary board member on the TVWS Board.   It is an educational society and we present wines from around the world.  You can always learn something new at one of our meetings.  As my college English professor said of Shakespeare, “It is not a subject that you learn and forget about, it is a life-long process,” so it is with wine.

Our mission is “Treat customers special the way we like to be treated.”

Having noticed the need for a winery tour company in Idaho, we created the first of its kind in Idaho in 2009.  As the founder/owner of Winery Seekers, I discovered Idaho wine country was lacking in this area; therefore, I set out to fill that need. 


We are the first winery tour company in Idaho. The beginning of my love for wine developed when I lived in the German village of Ellweiler, with a population of 300 people.  It was located 33 kilometers from the Mosel Wine Valley. One of the first wines I ever had ever tasted was a Piesporter Goldtropfchen Riesling.  It was a great beginning!


I must point out that through all these years, Dan and I took many trips to visit different wine regions and continued to educate ourselves on wine.  I loved the versatility of wine and what it had to offer. 


After moving to Idaho in 2007, I worked for Ste. Chapelle Winery in Caldwell for five years as a wine consultant and tour guide.  During this period, I started our company. I discovered I really enjoyed educating people about wine, answering their questions, and seeing the fascination and excitement on their faces.  In Napa and many other areas, there are wine touring companies, but Idaho did not have any, therefore I knew this was the direction I wanted to pursue.  Our goal is to inform the public about Idaho’s premium wines.


With my husband Dan’s assistance, we are continuing to grow as we educate you on wine, history, and the art of wine making.  I give presentations; do wine tasting events at local restaurants and help to promote the Idaho wine industry.