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About the Owner


Winery Seekers Wine Tours

Star, Idaho


Kathy Jean Johnson

Tour Guide and Wine Educator


Winery Seekers Wine Tours is known for:


  1. Personalized Customer Service

  2. Education, Background, and History of the Wineries

  3. Fun with a Capital “F”


Our mission is to “Treat customers Special the way we like to be treated.”


I come from a Petro-Chemical Background in my career.  However, my husband and I have always been interested in wine.  We have visited many wine regions over the years.  My husband had retired and as we are outdoor people, this was the perfect state to move to.


We moved to Idaho and there was no petro-chem work in this state.  I went to work for “Ste. Chapelle Winery” as a tour guide where I worked for five (5) years and learned all about the industry first-hand.   During this time, we discovered there were no winery tour companies.  Customers started asking about tours and the seed was planted.


Having lived in Germany near the Mosel Wine Valley, I developed a wine interest early on.  In 2009 we started the first tour company in Idaho, while still working at Ste. Chapelle.  It’s all about the enjoyment of wine, food paring and so much more.  It is a life-learning process!


After starting our company and leaving Ste. Chapelle Winery, I also worked as a Sales Representative for “Terre Nativa Winery” for seven (7) years.  Again, I learned yet another area of the wine industry.


I have served two terms of two years each on the “Treasure Valley Wine Society” Board.  The board has food and wine pairing dinners once a month on local wines and wines from around the world.


For us, it’s all about the experience and the end product.

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